S2RE6 – Halloween Candy Showdown

Henry loves his new job… a lot and still listens to Molly Ringwald’s Music album. Blade Runner 2049 is highly anticipated. White Castle, need we say more. We find our acapella sound and all the Halloween talk leave us candy horny.

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S2RE5 – Personality Is Everything

One of our best friends gave us the idea to take personality tests and reveal the results on this podcast.  Our true personalities come out during the reveal and it makes for an interesting episode.

S2RE4 – The Cussing

The guys catch up after a week off and describe their Father’s Day activities and gifts. They also address how to handle profanity in front of, and from, your kids.

S2RE3 – Him and His Serrated Spoon

Food is the topic this episode.  Henry, Ray, Roy, Vinny and Paul give their thoughts on how to eat various foods.  Like when to use A1 Sauce, ketchup on eggs and one of us uses a serrated spoon to eat steak.

S2RE2 – Don’t Just Bring Potato Salad

The thing about etiquette is the apparent subjectivity of when courtesy and respect is due. No doubt that without etiquette in our society, every time you walk out the front door, you would be walking into a scene of straight out of Dumb n Dumber. In this episode, we give some personal experiences in which etiquette was grossly misunderstood and try to understand why.

S2RE1 – Speaking Of Sheep Skin

Season 2 Reboot, new season, new show member, lots to talk about.  We welcome Ray to KrazyTalk and he lets Vinny in on all the details or what CatFishing is. Dead or alive, Roy loves dogs. It takes Henry thirty years to realize it wasn’t him and Paul is going to buy a bridge.

S2S2 – Food Like To Touch Each Other

The fellas defend their reasoning for letting, or not letting, food touch on their plates.  It’s getting hot, hot, hot and Paul doesn’t like it. Henry will never climb Everest, Roy schools us on beards, and Vinny embraces Das Sound Machine.  Also, how not to lose your child in Disney.

S2E1 – Animals Plotting Against Humans

We are back for Season 2 of the KrazyTalk Podcast. Henry, Vinny, Roy and Paul break down the recent and truly unfortunate Disney incident involving an alligator. Paul is looking forward to Independence Day 2: Resurgence.  Vinny and Roy stack up their best burgers and Henry summons his inner Hamburglar.

EP32 – Trump Taps Palin

Paul finally watches The Force Awakens, Henry is bored, Vinny is superstitious and Roy calls kids bad names. We profess our love for Costco and Sam’s Club, Trump Taps Palin, Paul was an entitled poor kid, Henry gets kidnapped, Vinny Vida, and Roy continues to call kids bad names.

EP31 – 1.6 Bazillion in Shrimp Chips

Vince, Henry, Roy and Paul sit down for the first episode of 2016 determined to win the $1.6 Billion Power Ball prize. They also like to eat chips, yep. They discover the new Lay’s Chip Flavor competition and figure they can come up with the winning flavor.

EP30 – Quadraman

The Fellas sit down after two weeks and talk about the new Batman vs Superman movie and Super Heroes and the Redskins woes.  Henry recounts his childhood games and has one marble left in his marble sack. Witches. A weekend of greatness in the wilderness and Henry almost shoots his eye out. Roy doesn’t like blondes and ogles Christie Brinkley and much more.

EP29 – Ba’and..Soun….Si’ingers…Sing

The fellas discuss the senseless attacks in France, Henry does another fantastic reading of a 90’s R&B Ballad, Charlie Sheen Shocks the World with news that he has HIV, and Henry distributes Turkey Jerky.

EP28 – Netflix and Chill

Henry, Vinny, Roy and Paul sit down and catch up after a short hiatus.  Paul recounts his recent Red Robin experience. Henry takes a stand on bringing food into the restroom. Halloween was fun. Paul returns from a Redskins Game with a unique souvenir.  We debut a new segment, Henry’s Turtleneck Reading.  We discuss recent Uber News that led the termination of a Taco Bell employee. Plus more stuff.

EP27 – Shhhh…Some other time

Henry returns and we are back at it.  We sit down and talk about Paul’s birthday outing to the RenFest. Henry delivers Paul’s present on air. Not only is it Paul’s Birthday, it is also National Garbanzo Bean Day.  Roy’s wants a sit-down MAME station. We talk about the floods in SC and recall our experience with earthquakes.  Old School video games never lose their luster and much more.

EP26 – You’re Almost Done With Life

We are happy to have Mikey V in while the irreplaceable Henry is away.  We sit down and discuss some recent news headlines, Paul’s weekend getaway, The Maryland Renaissance Festival, Roy’s Parenting Poll and Vinny’s Travel Mug Obsession.  We also get into Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock and Radio Shack’s Sustainability. We call Henry while he is away and give him crap about not enjoying one of the greatest movies ever, Goonies.

EP25 – From The Rear, Innuendo

This episode is a big one by many respects. We are joined by Don, Mike, and Mehdi for our big 25th episode celebration. We take a ride on the Henry story train. We discuss the Governator’s new gig. We learn thirty lifestyle fails no man over thirty should do. We find out what happened to Luke Skywalker and much more.

EP24 – Are You Not Entertained

We sit down and discuss some of the events that occurred over the past week.  In particular, the unnecessary pomp and circumstance for Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis’ prison release.  We talk about Mom’s worst recipe that you had to eat, Mac ‘n Cheese with the wrong cheese, Henry’s Ramen with American Cheese, One trip grocery hauls, parking lot etiquette, nudist tendencies and Paul’s kids crash the podcast.

EP23 – Wanna see my scar?

We sit down and discuss some of the events that occurred this the past week.  In particular, the unfortunate lives lost to the crazy lunaticus.  We step out of the darkness and talk about awkward moments in our high and middle school past.  We call Mikey and try to stump him on a movie quote and much more.

EP22 – Pound It Out

Mikey and for the first time,  Hass join us for some KrazyTalk.  The Fellas cover the Tower Of Seafood, getting a picture with Rob Reiner, the art of MixTaping, standing up to the Punchiest Guy, One Show At A Time, and much more.

EP21 – It Was Green Before Orange Became the New Black

The Fellas sit down for some KrazyTalk and hear about the concert Henry went to.  Paul tells his story of how he wore green before orange became the new black.

EP20 – The Big 20th – In The Bush

With everyone back in studio, the KrazyTalk fellas sit down and talk about Old Fart Concerts, One Potato Two Potato, Accidentally Killing A Lion, Reflections on 20, Viagra for Fun and much more.

EP19 – If It’s Just Pictures Of Dogs And Bibles, Forget About It.

Back from a month hiatus the fellas sit down and get into some KrazyTalk about a variety of topics including the mysteries of the Twitterverse and Facebook, El Chapo’s Escape, The Trumpeter’s Campaign, Pizza Folding, Surviving a Shark Attack, Pluto’s Return, Roy’s 40th Birthday and more.

EP18 – I Don’t Tell Her What To Say

The Foursome is together again for Episode 18.  They discuss Developments in the New York Prison Escape, The I Was Just Kidding Defense, Funding a Thief’s Love Life, Discovering the Net Worth of Material by Donald Trump, Father’s Day and much more.

EP17 – There Goes The Herbal Essences

The Fellas welcome guest host Mike in studio to talk about Spastic People, a Giant Great White Shark, Flexing Your Guns, Escaped Convicts, a Woman Confused About Her Race, Rediculous Walmart Fights, Christians Against Tattoos, and much more.

EP16 – Everybody Loves Henry

The KrazyTalk Fellas have been talking about streaming on YouTube for a while now and have finally tried it out.  Roy is having an easy week being off, Henry looks to Maxim’s survey of 100 women for his KTT this week, Kaitlyn Jenner is in the news and sparks discussions, Vinny went to Awesome-Con and buddied up with Daniel LaRusso and Kikaru Sulu, Paul is fed up with FIFA, and much more.

EP15 – Eating Japanese Food On Memorial Day

Back on schedule, we record on Tuesday. A quick four days after our last episode.  This week we share our Memorial Day Weekend and all the num numming that went on.  We also talk about how much shopping for stuff sucks, the new DadBod Phenomenon, the Dancing Man, and much more.

EP14 – Fridays, They Get Saucy Faster

Vinny, Henry, Roy and Paul sit down on another Friday to record episode 14. They discuss Henry’s ramps, morels and the aftermath of asparagus.  They dare discuss what annoys them about their Wives.  They touch on a couple of new movies coming out, David Letterman’s last episode, the choice of flying or invisibility powers, and really bouncy diving boards.

EP13 – Meet Henry’s Sidekick

The fellas have guest host Mike in studio and get into KrazyTalk discussions about Paul’s 2-Liter lenses, Dewitos Soda, Your “Number” in shots, Popular News in Movies, Amtrak Engineers, The Chipotle Pole, Job Interviews, and much more.

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EP12 – Where is Roy?

On this Cinco De Mayo, the KrazyTalk fellas have Don and Jeremy in as guests while Roy is out of town. They talk about great quotes from manly movies, give thoughts on the Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather fight and discover Steven Seagal’s Energy Drink. The Fellas get their first look at the Kung Fury trailer and Roy calls in a final minute show rescue.

Show Notes:


EP11 – Pickle Sticking Out of a Bowl of Spiders

The KrazyTalk crew have special guests Mike and Mehdi in studio to help introduce our newest bit, The KTMVP. A bit that highlights the dumb, the outrageous and the stupid. We also talk about the Baltimore Rioting, Embarrassing Moments thanks to Parents, 12 Pack Of Tacos and different levels of Manscaping.


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EP10 – Looks Like We Got A Mole

KrazyTalk’s monumental 10th episode includes topics about new Booze, Hangovers, Baggage Handlers and Artificial Intelligence. The panel also takes their chances at Bean Boozled, Would You Rather, and play a round of Work the Mike.

Show Notes:

Thanks to our guests this week, Don and Mike !!!

EP09 – One Twerk Per Minute

The guys listen to Dennis Quaid blow up on set, talk about their Pet Peeves…from slow walkers to people who wear stopwatches for no reason, Roy has an existential crisis but the fellas talk him down from the ledge…for now.  They also give their favorite websites to troll while at work and give away one of their five senses. Oh and Henry likes to twerk.

EP08 – Gotta Break Out The Mama Cass

This episode the KrazyTalk fellas talk about the Mega-Super-Trans-Siberian Highway, Henry wonders what a brother is, wrong turns into the NSA, Marry-F**k-Kill, and we call Mikey V.

EP07 – Take Another Sniff

We are joined by special guests Mike and Jeremy in studio to participate in this weeks shenanigans.  We discuss KrazyTalk Topics Henry’s Smells, Sexy Foods, Traffic Douchebaggery, Offensive Gestures and much more.

EP06 – Fishing In Your Pocket

Paul, Vinny, Roy, Henry and special guest Don, sit down with some spirits and discuss the new Apple Watch, Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, Movies and more.  Like Roy recalling his MB5 days.

EP05 – Zombie Farts

The Fellas discuss how much winters suck, working from home, hind-lick maneuvers, dumb yahoo answers, Zombies and much more.

EP04 – Dunk On Some Six Year Old Kids

The Fellas talk about dunking on six year old kids, being men of men, answering the question…Would you Rather and much more.

EP03 – Combo #2 to Mars Please

Henry, Vince, Roy and Paul talk about living on Mars, End of Movies, The Grammys, a Wet Blanket App, Mama Fratelli, and much more.

EP02 – Where’s Henry?

This episode we talk about Jumping out of helicopters, Kanye’s douchebaggery, Cooking and Lottery Winnings.  We also call and bug Henry while he is at a Yelp interview.

EP01 – Bone Gate

Hilarious round table discussion about Bone Gate, Fighting Greasers, Black Eyes and Movies.